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Monday, March 28, 2005

First Impressions

My daughter set this blog up for me over the Easter weekend. After reading her entry this morning, I felt compelled to make a really bad first impression. She wrote about her most embarrasing moment, and I felt having 37 years seniority would surely give me the edge given the laws of probability. Ok to begin this story, you must understand that I have always felt that two of my strong points were looking good on the tennis courts and looking good in my tennis dress. We are playing ladies doubles on a court next to some rather good-looking gentlemen also playing doubles. Of course, we got the proper attention because of our halter tops and short skirts and that was even before spandex. I am single at the time and on the look out for the next unsuspecting male. I go to the back fence to retrieve a ball. I was never very good at the bending down in a lady-like position and never did I master picking up the ball on the side of my shoe thing that all the country club girls were so good at. So instead of embarassing myself by trying to pull that off or the even more illusive trick of tapping the ball with the end of your racket and it miraculously bouncing knee high in front of you, I tried the safer just bend at the waist routine. Just as I bent over, the most-macho guy on the other court hit an overhead smash,surely to impress the ladies. It would just be my luck for the ball to head my direction and against all odds wedge itself between my thighs just below the crouch area. Now, do you have this image in your mind. Well, everybody at the four court area must have, because on returing to that club some 15 years later what do you think was the first thing they said to me. Not it's been 15 years, what have you done all this time. You guessed it. The thing I always remembered about you was that day when. Well, I am still so embarrassed about that I can't even repeat those words. I guess some good did come out of it, as I did marry one of those guys on the next court, the macho one. The bad news was the reason I returned to those courts was because of a divorce from the a.............


At 6:48 AM, Blogger Murrye said...

at least you weren't playing golf.

At 1:27 PM, Blogger Murrye said...

come on, lady, update!

i know you're on spring break, so it's not like time is an excuse here!

At 4:55 PM, Blogger Beth Newman said...

Great story Sue! I miss you.


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