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Sunday, April 17, 2005

The Non-Life of a 60 year old Single Girl in Funroe

My daughter will be surprised at my title. Since she was born to me at age 37, I have celebrated the anniversary of my 37th birthday from that date to this. In fact I belonged to a birthday club in Conway which was infamous at the country club. Everyone wanted to join because we had so much fun every month when we met to celebrate yet another 37th birthday. That is if having fun can be equated to being the loudest group at the club and having the raunchiest cards, which we recycled each year. Now, what did that card say that everone coveted each month? It was a real honor to get that one. I think Charlotte found it in California, not the kind you would find at Hallmark in Conway (something about Rapunsel letting down her "hair" to the prince below the tower. Anyway, where was I going with this, oh yeah, I think I will dedicate my blog spot to honesty. I know everyone thinks that singles have a swinging life. I found out after Murrye that all the other women had envied my freedom and thought I had the perfect life. The one everyone called to substitue for them in tennis when their child got sick. I find now that all the married women envy me for not having to "take care" of a man.
I plan to write as often as my swinging single life permits (scarcastic) to inform the unspecting young people out there that the one thing I have learned, and learned well, in these 60 years is that men never grow up and women never learn. Why don't we believe what they show us the first time. So stay tuned for future words of wisdom from this 37 year old wise woman.


At 8:05 PM, Blogger Murrye said...

hey, glad you posted again! don't people get more boring when they're married, anyway? the most fun they can have is giving each other perverted cards for their birthdays, but you can live it! or not...


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